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This course is required to receive all other ForHumanity Certified Auditor or Expert credentials - please take this course FIRST.

Foundations of Independent Audit of AI Systems explains the inspiration for Independent Audit of AI Systems, including the grounding in financial reporting and accounting.  The course teaches the lexicon of the ecosystem and explains in detail the roles, responsibilities, and accountability of actors in this infrastructure of trust including auditor, governments, individuals, pre-audit services providers, and national accreditation bodies.  Students learn the definitions and implications of important terms like audit, assurance, assessment, and independence.  Earning a certificate in Foundations prepares the learner for advanced courses leading to expert certificates in Risk Management or Algorithm Ethics or  to be certified as a ForHumanity Certified Auditor (FHCA).  This course is a critical first step into the world of algorithmic auditing, compliance satisfaction, regulatory compliance and Independent Audit of AI Systems.

ForHumanity will provide you with an actionable foothold in this burgeoning industry. This course is recorded - for personal pacing. Exams will be offered almost every Friday and those passing will have earned ForHumanity certifications. When the first students pass the GDPR Certification, they will become the world's first certified AI Auditors, an honor that few will share and many will emulate in the coming years. Expert pioneers in this industry will be in high demand.

EU GDPR ForHumanity Certified Auditor (FHCA) Course is live from February 26th 2024 to March 29 2024.  It is available asynchronously at all times.  Taught by Ryan Carrier, Executive Director of ForHumanity, the course walks students through the details of using the ForHumanity EU GDPR Controller certification scheme to ensure compliance with the scheme.  The course walks you through the Scope of the scheme, defined terms, and each and every individual audit criteria, including the evaluation method.  Students learn the key inputs provided by regulators into the formation of the criteria.  Upon completion, if a student has earned their certificate in Foundations, they will become a ForHumanity Certified Auditor in GDPR.

This course will be taught live from Sept 5th at 9:30-10:00am ET/ 3:30-4:00pm CET and will run until October 13th (6 weeks).  Foundations of Independent Audit of AI Systems is a required certificate to earn your FHCA in the Digital Services Act, however that course may be taken asynchronously and concurrently.  It is not necessary to join the live classroom, but you are welcome to do so and to ask brief questions after the recording is completed.

This course is designed for individuals seeking assurance with the EU's Digital Services Act (DSA).  The DSA requires Independent Audit for Very Large Online Platforms (VLOPs) and Very Large Search Engines (VLOSE).  This course teaches ForHumanity's Digital Services Act certification scheme.  Instructors will walk students through the scope of the scheme, how the Target of Evaluation is identified, critical defined terms, and how associated schemes like the Children's Code (CC) and Disability Inclusion & Accessibility (DI&A) certification schemes are incorporated into ForHumanity's DSA certification scheme.

The course will teach each individual audit criteria so that individuals at organisations will know how to achieve compliance, how pre-audit service providers and auditors will know how to build compliance capacity and subsequently assure compliance and satisfy the law's requirements for Independent Audits.  

The ForHumanity Digital Services Act certification scheme incorporated the Children's Code (CC) and the DI&A schemes.  It is highly recommended that for FULL compliance with the certification scheme a DSA FHCA is also certified under the Children's Code and DI&A , or has those experts amongst the assurance team.  This course will discuss those topics, but not insufficient detail (as covered by FHCA course in CC and DI&A)

This course will be offered LIVE and Online.  Live classes begin March 6th, 2023
and the live classroom can be accessed here (but attending live in NOT mandatory)

This course has one pre-requisite - Foundations of Independent Audit of AI Systems

We highly recommend that students be FHCA's in GDPR and have taken 

- Risk Management Framework (as that is founded up the EU AI Act requirements)

- Algorithm Ethics (foundational for understanding the roles and responsibilites of Ethics Committees under the EU AI Act)

This course will train individuals to become ForHumanity Certified Auditors on the EU AI Act.  This means that you will be trained on each and every audit criteria that ForHumanity has established in its work with CEN/CENELEC JTC 21 and will submit to the EU AIDB for approval.

An FHCA on the EU AI Act from ForHumanity will be well equipped to establish a Target of Evaluation and conduct Independent Third Party Audits that will affirm and auditee's conformity with ForHumanity's audit criteria - the highest form of comprehensive compliance with the Act available.  This course will enable auditors, pre-audit service providers (strategy, guidance, capacity building, change management), employees tasked with meeting the demands of EU AI compliance

This course MUST be completed by February 1, 2024 - otherwise a new course will replace this one and all progress will be lost.

An FHCA earns this designation through study and examination by demonstrating knowledge and expertise on ForHumanity’s GDPR Certification.  The ForHumanity Certified Auditor (FHCA) designation is the highest demonstration of knowledge regarding audit and pre-audit compliance – accompanied by an individual’s commitment to continuing education and upholding the FHCA Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct.  FHCAs can be relied upon to enable detailed, actionable and documentable guidance, strategy and compliance with ForHumanity’s Certification scheme on GDPR. FHCAs are experts in AI, algorithmic and autonomous system’s and their compliance with Data Protection and Privacy law.

This ForHumanity Certified Auditor course will train the student on the required audit criteria governing Equality laws, especially focused on inclusion and accessibility.  Criteria is focused on usability, accessibility, notice, accommodations and general compliance with best practices, standards and legal requirements.  Areas of concentration include bias mitigation, comparability of EU/UK/US equality requirements, stakeholder identification, Diverse inputs and Multi Stakeholder feedback, Algorithm Risk Assessments, Inclusivity Risk Assessments, WCAG conformance and adverse incident reporting.  

A student who completes this course will be well prepared to help organizations build compliance capacity with pre-audit service or as an employee.  Alternatively, a student will become an FHCA and is qualified to provide Independent Audit certification against this audit.  The course will be 18 sessions and will meet daily at 9:30am.  During this live session, we will record the class. Students do NOT need to attend the live sessions.  A link to the live zoom room will be provided in advance of the class and may also be found on the ForHumanity calendar on our webpage https://forhumanity.center

Your teachers will be Bill Curtis-Davidson (Cadmus group and PEAT), Cari Miller (Center for Inclusive Change) and Ryan Carrier, Executive Director - ForHumanity

This course teaches and prepares the student for taking the ForHumanity Certified auditor examination on the Children's Code.  The Children's Code is a UK law governing the interface between Children and the processing of their Personal Data by organisations.  

There is one required course for this class (Foundations in Independent Audit of AI Systems)

There is one recommended course for this class (GDPR).

This course only covers criteria from ForHumanity's Children's Code Certification Scheme.

Pre-Requisite for this course is Foundation of Independent Audit of AI Systems.

This course, taught by Ryan Carrier, FHCA and Shea Brown, ForHumanity Fellow will prepare the student to become a ForHumanity Certified Auditor in the New York City Automated Employment Decision (AEDT) tool Bias Audit.  The class meets daily at 9:30 to 10:00 am ET live from August 29th to Sept 19th.  The course is available at the same time asynchronously as the recordings and quizzes are available each day after class.  Students will learn all relevant criteria to becoming an expert in conduct an audit using ForHumanity's NYC AEDT Bias Audit Criteria.  The class covers the scope, lawful basis, relevant definitions, governance/oversight/accountability, disparate impact studies, bias mitigation tests and controls, reporting requirements, training requirements, candidate notices and general risk management assuring compliance with NYC Local Law #144.  An FHCA credential is issued upon completion of the exam.  We expect the class to be useful to the following students: 

1) employees of AEDTs to achieve compliance. 

2 Employers that use AEDTs to know what their responsibilities should be, 

3) pre-audit service providers helps AEDTs and Employers to achieve compliance and prepare for Indendent Audits 

4) Independent Auditors conducting the mandated audits

Link for the daily classroom for Q2 2022 ForHumanity University


ForHumanity’s Risk Management Framework for AAA Systems is a comprehensive implementable approach to examining risk associated with all aspects of AI, Algorithmic and Autonomous Systems.  It will include teachings on Risk Foundations, Risk Scope, Risk Taxonomy, Risk Inputs/Indicators, Risk Evaluation, Risk Assessment and Risk Treatment.  It will examine the documentation of Residual Risk and associated disclosures.  We will operationalize all aspects of the RMF including templates for Algorithmic Risk Assessments and the inclusion of Diverse Inputs & Multi stakeholder Feedback.  The class will examine the role of committees, governance structures and the manner in which the RMF plugs into ISO 31000 and traditional ERMs and ORMs.  We will examine four lines of defense including integration with Independent Audit of AI Systems.  When completed the learner can expect to be prepared to install the risk management framework for clients or employers.

Algorithm Ethics teaches students the necessary skills and knowledge to adjudicate instances of Ethical Choice associated with AI, Algorithmic and Autonomous Systems.  A graduate will earn an Expert accreditation and will be well qualified to sit on standing and empowered Ethics Committees.  They will be en expert in understanding, executing and satisfying Independent Audit of AI Systems compliance requirements.

The Class begins on Sept 19, 2022 and will run for 39 classes.  Here is the link to the Live classroom and requires separate registration   https://us02web.zoom.us/meeting/register/tZErcemqpz8sHdLMhmTZlhwl17Rpb_8jurFY