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ForHumanity’s Risk Management Framework for AAA Systems is a comprehensive implementable approach to examining risk associated with all aspects of AI, Algorithmic and Autonomous Systems.  It will include teachings on Risk Foundations, Risk Scope, Risk Taxonomy, Risk Inputs/Indicators, Risk Evaluation, Risk Assessment and Risk Treatment.  It will examine the documentation of Residual Risk and associated disclosures.  We will operationalize all aspects of the RMF including templates for Algorithmic Risk Assessments and the inclusion of Diverse Inputs & Multi stakeholder Feedback.  The class will examine the role of committees, governance structures and the manner in which the RMF plugs into ISO 31000 and traditional ERMs and ORMs.  We will examine four lines of defense including integration with Independent Audit of AI Systems.  When completed the learner can expect to be prepared to install the risk management framework for clients or employers.

This Course will enable the student to deeply understand the process by which corporations seeking certification with Independent Audit of AI Systems can achieve and document compliance with ForHumanity Audit Criteria for AI, algorithmic and autonmous systems.  Learn about Accuracy, Validity, Reliability , Robustness and Resilience audit satisfaction.  

The Course will teach about the Testing and Evaluation Committee, the TEC At-Risk Report, the requirements for compliance which are purpose-built to satisfy compliance with the EU AI Act and to maximize risk mitigation to the benefit of people.  The Course will exam continuois monitoring, post-market monitoring and Adverse Impact Reporting Systems.

Your Teachers will include: 

ForHumanity Executive Director - Ryan Carrier


is a systems verification specialist, CTO and board member of private sector advisory firm Dragonfly, Chair of the British Computer Society’s Special Interest Group in Software Testing, and Editor of two ISO/IEC deliverables under development relating to AI, Bias and Quality. Adam is a frequent speaker at technical conferences and is regularly sought after for press comment in the UK. Adam serves as an elected member of the For Humanity Board of Directors, helping to oversee the objectives of the organisation and the processes used.Prior to his current roles, Adam has held senior roles at Barclays and Deutsche Bank, delivering testing and verification projects in complex financial systems. He currently lives in Spain, but works across Europe and especially in the UK.

Sundar Narayanan - ForHumanity Fellow and Co-Author of AVR3 Body of Knowledge

ForHumanity will provide you with an actionable foothold in this burgeoning industry. This course is live and recorded - for personal pacing. Exams will be offered at the end of the courses and those passing will have earned ForHumanity certifications. When the first students pass the GDPR Certification, they will become the world's first certified AI Auditors, an honor that few will share and many will emulate in the coming years. Expert pioneers in this industry will be in high demand.

This course teaches and prepares the student for taking the ForHumanity Certified auditor examination on the Children's Code.  The Children's Code is a UK law governing the interface between Children and the processing of their Personal Data by organisations.  

There is one required course for this class (Foundations in Independent Audit of AI Systems)

There is one recommended course for this class (GDPR).

This course only covers criteria from ForHumanity's Children's Code Certification Scheme.